Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Mars et Avril

Mars et Avril est un photo-roman moderne, hybride et débridé.

Fugitive love, collective unconscious and parallel dimensions are shaping the narrative content, enriched by the evocative power of images. In this book, graphic design does not only establish cohesion between text and images, it is a language in itself, which participates to tell the story. The detailed, intricate line work of the drawing operates in a harmonious partnership with the author's finely crafted writing, and the engaging pictures.

À la poursuite du fantasme is written by Martin Villeneuve. Photography is by Yanick Macdonald and graphic design by Roxana Zegan. The book is published by Les Éditions de la Pastèque, in collaboration with the agency Sid Lee in Montréal, and was launched on October 16th, 2006.

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